Mark Wiles Animal Parties & Wildlife Encounters

Introducing Mark Wiles Animal Parties & Wildlife EncountersEver since his early childhood days, Mark has had a passion for wildlife and in particular butterflies. He has curated tropical butterfly houses in the far west of Cornwall for a number of years. This has given him the opportunity to pass-on his extensive knowledge to many enthralled visitors.

Mark has been an animal presenter for the past twenty years and has informed and entertained many tens of thousands of visitors throughout Cornwall. For nearly a decade as animal presenter of the "Really Wild Experience" at Flambards Experience, Helston, the largest family theme park in Cornwall.

Mark's Ark provides a very entertaining, interactive, hands-on display using a variety of animals to illustrate the animal kingdom. Topics covering the animals biology, ecology, zoology and evolution are tailored to meet the age group concerned. A fantastic opportunity for all ages to safely engage with live animals at very close quarters!